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Why you should assess the time your company takes to fill a position
Why You Should Assess the Time Your Company Takes to Fill a Position
Daniela Costa - March 19, 2019
As a Head of Recruitment, you need to keep an eye on recruitment metrics to assess your hiring process performance and ensure its efficiency. Attracting the best candidates is a top priority for competitive companies and you sure don’t want your organisation to fall short when it comes to talent acquisition. Assessing the time to fill a position allows you to understand whether your recruitment process is taking too long and if it needs to be improved.
7 reasons why recruiters love using the ATS
7 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Using the ATS
Daniela Costa - March 14, 2019
An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a powerful recruitment tool. There are many recruiters that are aware of that and appreciate what the right ATS can do for them. But there are also still some who think that this kind of tool is only meant to be used in big corporations with dozens of open positions. However, this is a suitable tool for any recruiting team (big or small) that can save recruiters time and money and, more importantly, help them find and hire the right candidates.
How to use learning and development opportunities to attract talent
How to Use Learning and Development Opportunities to Attract Talent
Daniela Costa - March 12, 2019
In such a competitive job market like the one we have right now, the best candidates choose employers that invest in employees’ career development and give them a chance to keep updating their skills and knowledge, so they stay relevant.
5 advantages of one-way video interviewing
5 Advantages of One-Way Video Interviewing
Daniela Costa - March 7, 2019
Often recruiters select candidates to move on to the interview stage because of their impressive CVs and then get disappointed when they meet them in-person. Including a pre-recorded video interview step in your application process wouldn’t replace the CV or in-person interviews, but would provide you with additional insights regarding the candidates to help you determine more accurately who would be a good fit for a specific role, improving the selection process.

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Case Study Nu Skin
How Nu Skin® Built a More Collaborative and Efficient Recruitment Process With skeeled
Daniela Costa - February 13, 2019
With the help of skeeled, Nu Skin® succeeded in developing a more efficient, collaborative and cost efficient recruitment process. The company was able to successfully digitalise their entire recruitment process, improve the management of all the applications and significantly increase collaboration and teamwork within the HR department while reducing recruitment costs.
Case Study LALUX
How LALUX Entered the Digital Era of Recruitment With skeeled
Daniela Costa - Pénélope Figueira - October 29, 2018
Since using the skeeled software, LALUX significantly reduced the number of paper applications and CVs sent by email, centralised all the candidates’ information in one place and increased collaboration between the different agencies. As a result, they were able to standardise the recruitment process and make better hiring decisions thanks to the personality test and pre-recorded video interview.

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