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5 voordelen van video Interview bij het rekruteringsproces te integreren
Daniela Costa - M06 11, 2018
We’ve talked before here on the blog about why video interview matters in recruitment and today we want to look further at the key benefits of this recruitment tool.
Hoe een op AI-gebaseerde automatisering van het matchingproces rekrutering verbetert
Joana Urbano - M07 3, 2018
The use of Artificial Intelligence these days is so pervasive that we hardly notice that we are using it in our daily life. In recruitment it can play a huge role as well!

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Case Study LaLux
Daniela Costa - Pénélope Figueira - M10 29, 2018
Since using the skeeled software, LaLux significantly reduced the number of paper applications and CVs sent by email, centralised all the candidates’ information in one place and increased collaboration between the different agencies. As a result, they were able to standardise the recruitment process and make better hiring decisions thanks to the personality test and pre-recorded video interview.
Case Study LOSCH
Losch Driving a Successful Recruitment Process with skeeled
Daniela Costa - Pénélope Figueira - M10 29, 2018
Since last year, Losch Luxembourg posted around 120 job openings, looking for very diversified profiles, and hired more than 130 candidates using skeeled. They were able to fill these positions faster and they pulled the best profiles from their talent pool with less effort thanks to skeeled's AI-based algorithm. The personality test and video interview also made it easier to decide who would move on to the face-to-face interviews.

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