How can Pre-Employment Assessments Help you Make Better Hiring Decisions


Recruiting a new employee can sometimes be viewed as a difficult task that hiring managers have in hands. Analysing and selecting the best candidates within a large pool of job seekers can be a longstanding process, as it involves several important steps until the final decision is made.

Furthermore, when selecting a new person to work in your company, you should always take in consideration some key aspects that will benefit the work environment, such as the cultural fit, motivation for the role and compatibility with the job requirements.

However, these behavioural traits and soft skills can be hard to identify when only reading a description in a resume, or even during an interview. As humans, our opinions can be influenced by many external and internal factors. This may result, during a recruitment process, in biased decisions when deciding which candidate is the best fit for the job.

A pre-employment assessment is still an unknown concept for many companies, as most of them are still only using interviews and CV as the only way of assessing candidates. Nevertheless, and when used correctly, these tools can be a game changer when you are confronted with the task of scrutinising loads of applications during the hiring process.

But what is a pre-employment assessment?

A pre-employment assessment is a tool that enables you to assess important competencies from your candidates in order to identify the best fit for your company or organisation. These tools are not particular to a specific format and can be used in different situations to assess several types of competencies, such as psychological features, educational background and language skills.

By using a pre-employment assessment tool, you will be able to have a clearer idea of a candidate's profile. This allows you to increase efficiency, as you save a lot of time by only interviewing the applicants that you consider to be the best for the job. re-assessing your candidates also gives you the opportunity to analyse certain traits and characteristics that a CV or a simple interview may not be able to display.


What Type of Pre-Employment Assessments Should you Use?

There is a wide range of pre-employment assessments that you can choose from, depending on what kind of job skills you are looking to evaluate. When choosing the right pre-employment assessment, you should take into consideration the position you are trying to fill, what kind of skills you’re trying to assess and also take into account that you should try to give the applicant the best candidate experience possible.

Personality Tests

Drifting away from traditional recruitment methods, personality tests have been gaining more and more ground in the recruitment world. Unlike the traditional methods, that can sometimes be very subjective and unreliable, a personality test will predict, with a high level of accuracy, how a candidate will perform in a certain job environment, giving you insightful and concrete information that will allow you to make better hiring decisions. Personality tests also help eliminate biased opinions, enabling a more impartial decision-making process.

One-Way Video Interviews

Still remaining a very unfamiliar concept to many companies, one-way video interviews can be a very helpful tool when assessing candidates. This method consists of recruiters sending pre-set questions to candidates, allowing them to then record the answers and sending them back to the recruiter. This method can be a great tool to assess how a candidate behaves, what kind of speech he uses and to get a general overview of his personality before meeting in person. This way, you can save time doing face to face interviews, only inviting the candidates that would best suit the position.

How Can You Include Pre-Employment Assessments in Your Recruitment?

An AI-Based Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows you to seamlessly integrate these pre-assessment tools in your application process is definitely the best option.

Integrating the pre-employment tools in your recruitment software helps you make all the steps of the application process (CV, Personality Assessment and Video Interview) look like a single process. As a result, you will make candidates feel safe and you'll certainly get more applications.

Besides, the right ATS also helps you in gathering and organising candidates' informations, automating the entire recruitment process.

By doing the first screening of all incoming applicants, filtering the best applications and screening out the ones that not fit the job requirements, this recruiting system can help you focus only on the best candidates, saving you time for more important tasks.

Pre-employment assessment tools are becoming more and more important in an ever-growing technological world, improving hiring decisions, candidates' experiences and saving recruiters' time and resources spent on recruitment processes. By using these tools, you will be standing out in a competitive market while searching for the best candidates and making the best hiring decisions possible.

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